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Welcome to Adaptive Training

Bruce Lee said it best "Adapt what is useful, and reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own"

This is what Adaptive Training is all about. To adapt and over come. The human body is the best machine ever built. Why not treat it like it. You wouldn't take a fine tuned automobile and store it for 10 years then take it out and expect it to run right. You would take care of that automobile with regular maintnance and driving it regularly. Your body is the same way. If you want your body to work at it's optimum performance it also needs maintnance to help it run right. So if you're just trying to get your body back into shape, or you need that extra edge and need that specialized training, look no further, cause you have found it here at Adaptive Training.

Forget the fads, the gimmicks, and the excuses. It's time to explore the fitness lifestyle our way. From hiking challenges, to group training, to tacticle bootcamp, no excuses. We are here for you.

We believe everyone can conquer their fitness goal. Our trainers give you their 100% dedication in the specific areas you want. Click on any of the tabs to find out more.

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What We Do

Personal Training

Our expert staff will get you in the best shape of your life...whether you are an elite athlete that needs to get that extra edge, or your avarage everyday person, to a little overweight and want to drop a few pant sizes we can help. You can do anything when you put your mind to it, and we will help get it done!


Want to exercise, but you're not a gym person, or don't like the typical workouts. Come out with us on a hike you'll be sure to have a great experience and get in shape at the same time. The hikes are geared towards our clients goals. Whether you are in great shape and want to push the pace, we'll take you to the next level, or out of shape and need to ease into it...not a problem we will accomidate.


Our bootcamps are non stop action; you will see results. Our camps are normally done outside, but we have had requests to take them inside at larger business' where groups of clients' co-workers all join in, this can be done by request and on a regular basis if desired. Check our schedule for a list of times.


This part gets interesting, are you looking for excitement. Come along with us on a off road adventure, do you have a 4x4 vehichle but haven't never taken it out in the dirt, we'll guide you through some of the best spots in So Cal. Excursions are done by request so please contact us if you have any question or would like to schedule an adventure.



Hiking events and off roading are scheduled for weekends. All other activities are scheduled daily.

Do you want us to come to you?

Do want team building exercises for your corporation or business have us come in and do some team building exersices for your staff. Contact us today.