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Adaptive Training FAQ

Where are you located?
We are located in LA, OC and the IE because of the nature of our training most of it is outdoors, so we can come to you if an event is not listed in your area, or if you would like personal training.

What are you hours of operation?
We operate basically 24/7 because of the varying times of personal training, no excuses not to train, because we will train you inbetween your busy schedule.

What do I need to bring for a class?
An exercise mat and your determination to get fit.

What should I wear for my workout or hike?
Wear something comfortable, and tennis shoes or boots if hiking.

What should I bring on my hike?
Food and water.....preferably a camelbak or some type of hydration pack so you can also carry your snacks with you.

Are the trainers certified?
All of our trainers are certified in the areas that they are teaching....either ACE, NASM, or tactical certs NRA and beyond. Also all of our trainers are required to have our company certification, because of our very different style of training...which ACE NASM or any other group or PT cert does not cover.

How long is a typical class?
Classes range between 40 minutes to 1 hour plus.

How long are the hikes?
Hike can range from an hour to 5 hours or more depending on which hike.

What are the age ranges for the classes?
Age range is 12 and up....with the exception of childrens classes of course.

What types of payments do you accept?
We accept cash, debit or credit cards.

When and where can I pay?
You can prepay online, we can send you an invoice, or you can pay on location with cash or card, where ever we have an event we can take payment.

Can I bring a friend?
Bring everone you know, the best way to say thank you is to bring a new person with you when you attend class or hike.

Can someone help guide me in my diet?
We can get you set up on the proper meal plan.

I'm really out of shape, can I still participate?
Any and everyone can participate, all shapes and sizes.

I have a medical condition can I participate.
Yes, if your doctor says you are clear to exercise. You would definitley need to get your doctors ok first for your own safety.


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What We Do

Personal Training

Our expert staff will get you in the best shape of your life...whether you are an elite athlete that needs to get that extra edge, or your avarage everyday person, to a little overweight and want to drop a few pant sizes we can help. You can do anything when you put your mind to it, and we will help get it done!


Want to exercise, but you're not a gym person, or don't like the typical workouts. Come out with us on a hike you'll be sure to have a great experience and get in shape at the same time. The hikes are geared towards our clients goals. Whether you are in great shape and want to push the pace, we'll take you to the next level, or out of shape and need to ease into it...not a problem we will accomidate.


Our bootcamps are non stop action; you will see results. Our camps are normally done outside, but we have had requests to take them inside at larger business' where groups of clients' co-workers all join in, this can be done by request and on a regular basis if desired. Check our schedule for a list of times.


This part gets interesting, are you looking for excitement. Come along with us on a off road adventure, do you have a 4x4 vehichle but haven't never taken it out in the dirt, we'll guide you through some of the best spots in So Cal. Excursions are done by request so please contact us if you have any question or would like to schedule an adventure.



Hiking events and off roading are scheduled for weekends. All other activities are scheduled daily.

Do you want us to come to you?

Do want team building exercises for your corporation or business have us come in and do some team building exersices for your staff. Contact us today.